Blame the girls.

There have been so many instances in the past few months about girls and their behaviour and the main thing that I’ve noticed is that no one wants to take responsibility and everyone wants to blame the girls themselves.

I feel lucky that when I was a teen, the internet wasn’t what it is today. I was a pretty boring teen in the scheme of things but I hate to think that those times where I smoked a joint or kissed a boy would have been photographed and uploaded immediately for the world to see. But that’s what happens today. Teens have been conditioned to now think it’s normal to video or photo something and upload it without any reservation and mostly without any consequences.

The world of social media is a tricky one. It’s where you can construct the perfect version of yourself. Much like an online dating profile, your facebook, instagram, twitter and myriad of other programs can be manipulated to show the version of yourself that you construct. You can be seen as that cute, funny chick, the smart, nerdy girl, or the hot, sexy slut. And did you notice how every one of my examples was gender biased?

Because that’s where my issue lies. All reports and studies based on social media tend to focus on girls. Why are girls posing provocatively online? Why are they taking selfies coming out of the shower or getting ready for bed? The issue isn’t why are they doing these things. The issue is why they feel they need to. We only have ourselves to blame for providing a culture that glorifies all that is wrong with it. We give preference in the media to women like Rihannon and Miley – women who are unashamed of their bodies and rightly so, but turn it into a negative. Why? What is so wrong with the female body? This situation is similar to the breast feeding argument. It’s not like a mother is taking out her breasts in public to arouse those around her – she’s doing it to feed another human being who isn’t capable of feeding themselves.

Why is being sexual still considered something that only bad girls do? As a society we need to open our minds to how we view things. Females who are adults have the right to portray themselves any way they want. So I understand why there is concern about teenaged girls, because they are not adults. They are children. Who can be manipulated but hey, so can everyone. I have no qualms about girls and women feeling good about themselves and wanting to show it off.

What worries me are the girls who are doing it for the wrong reasons. Now I know, reasons for doing anything can be subjective but girls who are posting near-nude selfies because they want to feel validated or to impress someone else? That to me are examples of the wrong reason. Girls need to be taught that they are free to do whatever they choose but they need to be taught that there can be consequences, because once a picture is online it can never be deleted. Education is key. All teens need to be taught to respect one another, regardless of age, sex, gender, race etc. They also need to be taught how to be responsible online. It’s a shame that in this day and age, girls still aren’t free to express themselves as they choose, ares till subject to slut shaming and are still being blamed for what those around them do.


Spring has arrived!

I know, I know it’s been a very long time since my last post. I’ve been busy as uni started up again and like last semester, it’s a lot more reading and work than I remember uni being. But never fear, I have a few goodies to share with you.

I have this fairly new found love affair with Staff by Maff, a Polish brand that I discovered through the Black Milk forums on facebook. They are handmade clothes, made with amazing fabrics and are cut incredibly well. I’m yet to see an item that doesn’t or wouldn’t suit anyone.

Here are two of my favourites that I can not wait to wear now that the weather is improving!

SBM Flash Shirt


Flash Shirt – Staff by Maff

Matte Black Leggings – Black Milk

Black Boots – Asos

SBM Mint Mesh Tux Shirt


Mint Mesh Tux Shirt – Staff by Maff

Beetlejuice Leggings – Black Milk

Spiked Litas – Jeffrey Campbell

I also got my hair cut. Which just feels amazing. I’ve had this raggy long hair for the last two years because I’ve been too lazy to get it cut and it does not suit me at all. Truth be told, I love cool, edgy, short hair cuts but without a hairdresser that I love, I’m very hesitant to get what I want done as it has the potential to look horrible. Plus my sister is getting married in November and as the only bridesmaid I’ve been sworn to have hair that is long enough to put up.

Haircut backAnyway that’s it from me for today. Going outside to enjoy the 25 degree day!

H&M drops Cara Delevingne

As the title suggests, brand H&M have dropped one of their models, Cara Delevinge, who is in the midst of a (relatively minor in comparison) drug scandal.

CaraImage taken from:

And you know what? I completely applaud them for doing so.

We live in a society where celebrities are rewarded regardless of their actions. What sort of message is this sending? We’ve got Lindsay Lohen who rarely gets any sort of punishment for the millions of things she does that are illegal, Amanda Byrnes who gets more and more twitter followers and media attention than she ever did when she was straight, sober and acting, even the Biebs has had his fair share of run ins with no real consequences.

So again, good on H&M for standing by their zero tolerance to drugs and for once again standing down a model who breached this.

Side note: the decision for H&M to drop Cara is based on suspicion as it is not yet proven that she had any drugs on her. I believe in this case they want to distance themselves before it blows any further.

Stretch and Flex Like You Mean It!

I love stretching and I really don’t do it enough. I started Yoga last week which has forced me to stretch much more often that I have been.

Stretching is excellent to do when you get up in the morning or right before going to sleep. It’s always important to stretch after exercise so you don’t wake up the next morning tense and sore. Even if you’ve walked more than you normally do you should still stretch afterwards.

It’s also important to know how to stretch correctly.

Stretching isn’t about burning calories. It’s about warming up and cooling down your muscles. It’s also about minimizing your risk to injury. It will also improve your flexibility.

Here are some stretches to get you started.

How to Stretch Correctly, image circulated to me by my gym however I have seen it here also

How to Stretch Correctly, image circulated to me by my gym however I have seen it here also

Here’s some tips for stretching.

  • Remember to breathe. Many people hold their breath which makes it more difficult. Breathe into each of your stretches and take calm, controlled breaths to help you through.
  • You should feel minor discomfort when stretching but if you’re feeling pain, you’re pushing yourself too far and can cause damage. Only go as far as you can.
  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Some people are naturally flexible and can easily place their hands on the ground with straight legs. Others can’t. It doesn’t matter how far you can go, what matters is that you are stretching your muscles and this will happen regardless of how far you can stretch.
  • Hold each position for 30 seconds if you can manage it, and if you can’t straight away, build up to 30 seconds. It’s the perfect amount of time for your muscles to work and have a good impact.
  • If you are wanting to build your flexibility, stretching twice a day will help you. Even 10 minutes, twice a day will have a dramatic impact in as little as two weeks.


Yesterday I came to the realisation of how much shit clothing I own. I did a really big throw out/charity donation clean out in March when I moved but I feel like I have too much stuff again and it makes me slightly nauseous to see it all.

So, I’m going to do it all again. However I do want to sell a few pieces rather than just throw/donate. I have numerous pairs of Mimco shoes that I don’t wear, clothes that are brand new with no tags but never worn simply because they don’t suit me or they were impulse purchases (which are becoming less often so yay me!).

My issue is that I shop online – a lot – and when you do this you have the capacity to pick up a lot of items with the intention of returning those that you do not like/do not fit/look horrible on but it’s very easy to forget to do it or even if it’s worth it. I mean, is it worth returning a pair of pants that cost $20 when you spend around $8.25 posting it back? For some people it is worth it but for me, I probably wouldn’t bother really.

I am expecting a range of items to be picked up this weekend though, from the brand Staff by Maff, a Polish clothing brand – which is also cause for throwing things out.

Thin BlouseThin Blouse

bat blouseBat Blouse

Mist SweaterMist Sweater

mixed cardyMixed Cardigan

oversize blouseOversized Blouse

I’ve very excited.


Window Wardrobes

I moved into my first home with my boyfriend D about 4 months ago. I love it because it’s mine but of course it has bad points as well as good points. There’s so much space but the bedrooms are tiny. Out of 3, only 1 has a wardrobe which doesn’t fit much, therefore the spare room acts as my wardrobe. As you will see below, the space isn’t used very well. And there’s not even  a spare bed, just a mattress against the wall.

spare room mattressspare room chestspare room area I want to be able to utilise the space and unfortunately if we put in a built in robe on the big side wall it’s going to mean a small bed in there, as well as no space to get around but a lot near the window.

So that got me thinking.

And I thought of it.

Window Wardrobes!

I explained it to D but when I get excited about an idea (especially one that I think is beyond brilliant), I’m quite bad at articulating what I want. So of course I jumped on Pinterest (honestly, what did we do before Pinterest and Google?) and search Window Wardrobes not really expecting anything but found three pictures.

Image available from

Image available from

To me, it’s the perfect solution to our dilemma of ultilising space as well as being functional. I love the idea of having a sitting bay like in pictures 1 and 2 as the window will overlook the back yard and dog park as you can see below (and obviously my washing).

backyardBut having just a clean space like picture 3 also looks great. It will mean repainting as well as being an old house, the walls are more yellow than white but it’s nice to know that there’s is a way to make the space more liveable.

Music Monday – 15th July

There is a segment on Tom and Alex’s breakfast show on Triple J that is called Like a Version. It’s my favourite segment of the week in that they get musicians to come into the studio and do a live version of one of their own songs and then a cover version of any song they want. This year has had some of my favourite covers.

Vydamo – “One Way Trigger/I Follow You” The Strokes/Melody’s Echo Chamber (skip to 1.35 for the song)

San Cisco – “Get Lucky” Daft Punk (skip to 1.15 for the song)

Abbe May – “Pony” Ginuwine (skip to 1.00 for the song)